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After an amazing summer that saw me perform at 12 BC Music Festivals and more than 9200 kilometres, I am busy booking the Autumn . . . Check Shows for all the info . . .

Doug Koyama in the news

This past summer I had a great talk with my old friend Frank Peebles from the Prince George Citizen. It was just before the Robson Valley Music Festival and Frank wrote a great piece on me that ended up being the entire front page of the Arts & Entertainment section of the paper.

You can get the whole story here: PG Citizen

The art of giving

On August 2, 2013 I met Dale Sood (artsandrec.ca) in Barkerville, BC during ArtsWells. Dale asked if he could interview me for a biopic video and I said yes. A week later he sent me this: Video

I feel blessed to have met Dale. He truly captured me in this, what a gift.

Doug Koyama on North by Northwest

I am grateful to have been featured in an interview with Sheryl MacKay of CBC Radio's North by Northwest in February. It was a real pleasure to meet Sheryl, we had a nice talk.

To listen to the entire interview: Click Here

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"Doug Koyama is one of the most eye-catching figures in local music. He has an unforgettable broad smile. He is often sporting a cascading beard and heavy dose of stormy hair. He has diamonds for eyes that aren't afraid to look at you. He has broad shoulders and a stout build. And from somewhere inside him, seemingly from an inner layer of humanity, out comes a voice so thick and creamy you'd guess it was dipped in blackberry porter before each word is spoken.

-Frank Peebles, Prince George Citizen"

"STRANGE THINGS HAPPEN when Douglas Koyama opens his mouth. Sounds spring forth and combine into rhythmic phrases, then stack into layered constructions. It might seem like magic, unless you know that he's using a digital looper to create his improvised excursions, and even then it's still quite beguiling, a gentle and melodic take on an avant-garde technique that has its roots in Steve Reich and Terry Riley's experiments of the 1960s."

-Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight

"Doug possess the heart of a lion and a lamb all rolled into one uniquely gifted and spiritual being. Doug shows what can be done with a fiercely open heart, an open mind and a little technology."

–Linda McRae, Juno nominee, performer, composer

"When Doug Koyama enters a room you know it! His boundless energy, his warmth and enthusiasm are quickly evident. And then his music. Doug weaves sound with his voice and some looping technology. The music is mesmerizing, hypnotic and joyful all at once. He has a passion for singing and getting others to sing along."

–Cheryl MacKay, CBC North by Northwest

"Building a melody can be as simple as do-re-mi or as complex as multiple layers of sound built from one voice.

Quesnel musician Doug Koyama showcases his unique talent during Tuesday's Coldsnap Music Festival local line-up at Art Space, 1685 Third Avenue."

-Christine Hinzmann-Skorepa, Prince George Citizen

Read more in the Prince George Citizen article: Click Here

"One woman in the audience Saturday said she "visited" a beautiful Caribbean island. For me, the music took me back to the Punjab, India when, on my first morning, I awoke at 5 a.m. to the sounds of chanting in the courtyard. Koyama's music can be many things. Waves of the ocean lapping on shore or seagulls flying in the air above. The sound of wind on a mountain top. It has a soaring sensation and you wonder what heights it will reach before it ends. You hope it never does."

-Teresa Mallam, Community Editor, Prince George Free Press

"Doug has a fabulous soulful voice with an amazing range (and I'm using the word "amazing" in an appropriately meaningful context). His show involves the layering of vocal loops creating a rich texture of rhythm and harmony with solid grooves. It's the coolest thing I've heard in a while."

-Eric Tompkins (Composer, Producer, multi-instrumentalist Co-founder of Navaz)

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