I love summer . . . there I said it. I love winter and fall and spring too but summer is a special time. All of you bright shiny beings start moving around more, going about your business or going on holidays or going to music festivals.

I will be adding more dates as I book them so please check back.

All the music is free.

I have been a fan of Amanda Palmer since I first saw The Art Of Asking TED Talk a few years ago. Inspired by that I have taken the first step. Please visit the Music page for links to where you can download all of my music for free. Watch for more steps in the future.

Are you a Patron of the Arts?

I love what I do and I see the positive effects of music and art. I am on a journey to a destination unknown to me. I only know that it's the journey that I am meant to be on. I am working as hard as I can to make music my fulltime reality.

In the winter I am happy to put down some roots and get a job when shows are less frequent but in the summer I'm on the road, living in whatever vehicle I happen to have, sharing music and love with communities around BC.

If that sounds like something you want to support please consider a donation. Any amount is welcomed and appreciated.

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